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Magic on the Mail Route

What’s the funniest story you remember from your days of carrying mail in Midway?


Letters to Santa.#1.   Karen riding with me and how I would put quarters in the dashboard knowing that if you’d slam your fist on top of the dash, a quarter would roll out….she believed it was a magic trick! :))

#2.   Shanda & Sheila Bryan wrote to Santa Claus at the North Pole.  I took their letter, opened it, and then wrote a letter from Santa assuring them that they would get everything they had asked for on Christmas Day.  You’ll never convince them there’s no Santa!

#3. On one occasion, Don Brooks, my dear friend from Groveton, Texas, was really griping about the postal system.   I told him, “Don, you can write any way in the world in Madison County, and I’ll get it….however you address it!”   Sometime after that, one day while we were sorting mail getting ready to head out, Ms Elma said, “Look at this letter that was forwarded to us from Madisonville.”

She handed it to Dickey, who looked at it, then handed it to me.  The only address on it was:  
               Reverend Leroy
               Madison County, Texas

Whoever forwarded it had written in bold:


I asked Ms. Wakefield what she was going to do with it, and she said, “I guess I’ll have to dead letter it, because there’s no return address on it….only a postmark from Groveton. I said, “Can you open it? Maybe the context will give us a clue who it might be.”  She opened it and, as she started reading, she just fell out laughing!   It read:

Dear Lanier,
If by some chance you get this letter, I will never say anything else about the Post Office as long as I live.   

I asked ms Elma if I could use the phone, and I called the bank in Groveton where Don was Vice President.    His secretary answered, and I said, “May I speak with Mr. Brooks?” She replied, “May I tell him who is calling?” I said, “Tell him that Reverend Leroy is calling,”

When Don got on the phone he said, “You gotta be kidding me…Dang it, I’ll never say anything else about the post office for the rest my life.!”:))