I Got the Music in Me

What is your favorite style of music?


That’s almost a ‘loaded’ question for me, because I pretty much like ALL music.

PawPaw used to say, “We express our emotions in 3 ways: 1. Through our words; 2. Through our tears; and 3. Through music.” 

Think about it: 
1.  We sing when we express our faith in God!
2.  We sing when we are sad or grieving.
3.  We sing when we’re happy or when we are in love!

What I’m trying to say is, because I am a very emotional person, I love ALL kinds of music! Acappella, Instrumental, you name it! EXCEPT…..Hard Rock, Rap, a lot of so called “modern” Country music (in all of the above, the emphasis is on vulgar lyrics and vulgar rhythms).

I LOVE, Gospel Music of all types, Folk, Southern Gospel Quartet, Bluegrass…. Probably my VERY FAVORITE music is just singing with my whole family. I only wish that I had the opportunity to do more of it.  I know my days are numbered, and I get real emotional thinking about that!

I just might write me a song! :-))

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