Before Norwegian Cruise Lines, there was Art and Jan…

What was the first vacation you ever took with Mom, and where did you go?

The first one that made me realize what an awesome woman I had married was a mission trip when we went to Huron, South Dakota. We traveled up through Oklahoma, Kansas, and then in to South Dakota. This was when we lived in Quitman. We did a great deal of sightseeing both up and back home.  If memory serves me right, we came back down through Missouri and Arkansas.

The folks in Huron (a very small church) had been door knocking, and the folks we stayed with were a couple (I think they were Lutherans) named Art and Jan Andersen. Jan was studying the Bible correspondence course and had opened her home to us. This was my first experience with a purebred Norwegian family. They were definitely steeped in the traditions of their culture!  Quite an experience for a couple of kids from Texas!

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