Tastes Like Chicken

What is the first place you remember going out to eat?


We traveled a lot, but you had to know PawPaw. It was cheese & crackers and summer sausage.   We just didn’t eat out hardly at all.

He raised the older boys through the depression era. It was red beans, cornbread, rice and gravy. The meat was always roast beef or fried chicken, depending on which one was on sale. We had no freezer until I was about 14. Meals were delicious, but very predictable.

Now, pies were the surprise for us. Mom didn’t cook a lot of cakes.  She had quite a collection of pie recipes.   And, when she discovered macaroni & cheese, wow!

Eating out would have been such a luxury that you would think I’d remember it, but I just don’t.   We just ate in the car while daddy was “Rolling ’em, boys!”

My favorite memory is the original El Chico restaurant in Tyler, Texas, where your mom and I ate ‘all the time’ when we lived in Quitman, Texas. In fact, you probably were ‘nurtured in the womb’ at El Chico! I’m not kidding, our idea of dating were those trips to Tyler where we nearly always wound up at El Chico. I think they spread out from Tyler to Dallas, and then all over Texas…even Huntsville! :))

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